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Giotex: a creative partner for your projects

It’s difficult to stand out in an area full of companies producing the same category of products. Giotex has always made it look easy.

A family-run company that has produced textiles for more than thirty years due to a steadfast commitment to researching new trends and materials. Founded on Raffaello’s instinct to focus on natural fibre processing, the company is now managed by his children, Rosella and Cesare. The third generation of the Giorgetti family is making inroads within the business, paving the way for updated creativity. Giotex was one of the first companies in the Prato textile district to concentrate on linen and cotton, developing summer collections in an area with a propensity for wool. A pioneer in project development and interpreting market trends, Giotex is also furthering a ground-breaking hemp scheme, which is currently being salvaged and will soon appear among the new offerings.

Situated at the heart of Prato’s industrial zone, the largest textile district in Europe, Giotex has chosen to craft its own creative range, designing distinctive prints and textures that make the company’s textiles easily recognizable among trade professionals. On leaving Prato, where the entire production chain is based, Giotex textiles reach the farthest corners of the world, from Europe, to Japan and the United States. The company exhibits at leading global trade fairs, such as Première Vision.

Attentive customer service is one of the company’s fortes, paying unwavering attention to the quality of the product and spot-on observance of delivery times. Adaptability and dynamism ensure that the firm reacts quickly to market requirements: Giotex crafts sophisticated products that match simple garments, enabling a mid-high client base to develop outfits in line with market trends.

Rosella Giorgetti_ph.marcobadiani

Rosella Giorgetti


Cesare Giorgetti_ph.marcobadiani

Cesare Giorgetti

Artistic Director

Giovanni Giorgetti_ph.marcobadiani

Giovanni Giorgetti

Junior Technician